IPSec Settings for a Router/FW to PP


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I have a need to setup an IPSec w/XAUTH VPN. I tried doing it but I'm getting an error about VPN ID. It's stating the VPN ID should be one value. When I make it that value, it still said it's incorrect.

Has anyone has success with getting IPSec to work on a FW/Router to PP? If so, can you share the various settings for Phase1 and Phase2?

FWIW, I'm attempting to do this using Sophos UTM FW. Does not have a OpenVPN client.

Thank you!

I have the same issue. I'm trying to connect to the London PP Server. My router is requesting the following:

  • Local Secure Group (Subnet or IP): Can be all
  • Remote Secure Group (Subnet or IP): IS THIS THE IP OF THE PP Server?
  • Remote Secure Gateway (IP of FQDN): Is this DNS IP of the PP Server?
  • Key Exchange Method (AUTO (IKE) or MANUAL): ??
  • Encryption (3DES, AES-256, etc): ??
  • Authentication (MD5 or SHA1): ??
  • PFS (Disable or Enable): ??
  • Pre-Shared Key: [This one is easy--- have it from the website]
  • Key Lifetime (Seconds): 3600s is default

There are advanced settings as well:

Operation mode (Main / Agressive): ??

Phase 1:
  • Encryption: AES-256/ etc
  • Authentication: MD5/ etc
  • Group: 768-bit/1024-bit/1536-bit
  • Key Lifetime: (seconds): 28800 default
Phase 2:

  • Group: 768-bit/1024-bit/1536-bit
  • Key Lifetime: (seconds): 3600 default
Any help, please?