IPSEC on pfSense router

Discussion in 'Router' started by RogueOne, Nov 26, 2017.

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    RogueOne New Member

    Is possible to create an ipsec tunnel from a pfSense router? Does anyone know how to do this and what settings did you use?
  2. G

    Gerd Junior Member

    I believe it is only possible from pfsense router to pfsense router with ipsec, but not from pfsense router to perfect-privacy.
  3. R

    RogueOne New Member

  4. MixMaster

    MixMaster Member

    pfSense seems to support xauth only in the IPSec server configuration, not for outgoing tunnels. Sad.
    OpenVPN works as long as you manually add "fragment 1300" under "custom options" and enable comp-lzo.
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