Answered: Installing Opevpn on Linuxmint


im new on linux
i would install openvpn manager on linux mint 17 as in ubuntu
after fresh install of pp.openvpn.manger 1.0.0 all.deb, i cant see the manger to configure it
the standard ipmort saved vpn cant open .ovpn files --error

i can only connect through command line

any step by step on how to install it correctly


PP Daniel

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sorry it took a little longer to get the howtos online. Here is the one for Ubuntu:

However it is a different story on Linux Mint, as the dependencies might not get installed automatically, depending which version you are running. As is says on our Download page:
Linux Mint Cinnamon, MATE and xfce: Doubleclick opens the package in the Package Installer. Dependencies are not installed automatically, so execute sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openvpn python-requests.
Linux Mint KDE: Doubleclick opens the package in the Package Installer. Dependencies are installed automatically.

So this depends on which version of Linux Mint you are running. Which one is it?


Thank you ..the manager didnt work on linux mint (mate,) but it worked through command line.
i changed now to linux lite (more faster to me ) ..the manager works fine on it and dependencies installed automatically too

just to be sure, Linux Lite is based on the ubuntu LTS series of releases...but in your howto i read manager not supported on ubuntu LTS
right ?
other Question :
how do i realise this kaskade with torbundle browser?

vpn--ssh--torbrowser bundle


Ps: i changed to linux becouse firefox verry slow over openvpn on xp vbox guest ..tried opera its faster over vpn
something wrong with firefox and vbox openvpn. because when disconnect vpn firefox get faster.
im sure its not vpn speed problem

PP Daniel

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where is stated that Ubuntu LTS is not supported? I can't find that passage.

The is no need for an additional ssh tunnel, and I have never tried a setup like this. I suggest using just the VPN and the TOR browser bundle.

If you really want an additional ssh tunnel you would need to configure TOR to connect via this tunnel to the SOCKS5 proxy. An ssh tunnel can be started like this (replace username & server's dns name accordingly): ssh -N -L 5083:

This establishes an ssh tunnel from your local port 5083 to the local IP address of the chosen server on port 5080 (SOCKS5 proxy). Your TOR would need to connect to localhost on port 5083. Data would then be sent to the SOCKS5 proxy via the tunnel and through the previously established VPN connection.