Getting this error, can't connect to VPN

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  1. greengorilla56

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    Whenever I try to connect or activate DNS Leak Protection, I get the following error. I cannot connect to perfect privacy. The only way to avoid the error message is to uninstall and reinstall perfect privacy. Once I try to reconnect to a serve or enable DNS leak protection, the error happens again.

    I've tried reinstalling Perfect Privacy, wireless driver, disabling windows firewall, making my adapter get DNS automatically etc.

    I believe it all started because my computer had a BSOD while vpn was running, probably insufficient memory. I was there to see it though.

    Any help is appreciated.

    VPN Error 2.PNG VPN Error.PNG
  2. PP Stephan

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    Are you using any third party security software? Please try deactivating that. If the problem remains please contact us by email for further troubleshooting.