Answered: FYI: Connections with PP VPN Manager NOT susceptible to newly discovered WebRTC Flaw



A recent bug for Chrome and Firefox users on Windows has come to light this past week -- one that can leak the actual IP address of somebody using a VPN. I'm not very technical about this sort of stuff, but from what I understand it's an issue with the WebRTC protocol which uses javascript to obtain IP addresses.



Leak check website:

I've checked it using OpenVPN connected with the Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager (which has the added firewall and DNS-leak prevention) and it does NOT leak any information whatsoever. Which is great news (and another reason to go with a Premium VPN Provider like PP and not cheap out on something like PIA which does suffer from the issue).

This issue does not affect Linux/OSX/Android. It also doesn't affect NoScript users.
There is a way to manually disable WebRTC in Firefox as well (set 'media.peerconnection.enabled' to false in about:config) and there's also an add-on for Chrome that does the same, although I'm always sketched out by installing addons..

I haven't checked with IPSEC but I suspect it too won't have any issues.