DNS Leak Test Error


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Prior to 11/23/2020, all of my PCs passed the DNS Leak Test quickly.
Starting 11/23/2020, all of my PCs have the same problem with the DNS Leak Test.
The symptoms are that the test stalls looking for old or strange URLs, then it fails to report any error.
First old URL is "www.googletagmanager.com".
I am not sure if the PP-VPN is using your DNS servers or not ?

PP Daniel

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Sadly our DNS Leak Test is currently not working because we have an issue with the server. The admins are on it though and hopefully it gets fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The URL has nothing to do with the test itself, but we use it on our site and the page of the DNS Leak Test currently stalls because the server to whom the requests are made by the test is not operational.