Disable IPv6 on Lede Router Linksys WRT54


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Hello there!

I was setting up PP on my Linksys WRT54GS v1.1 with LEDE firmware 17.01.4 Router. After the VPN connection on OpenVPN was running I was checking my ip on the perfect privacy website. It was working fine, but my private ipv6 was being shown.
How can I block my ipv6 from leaking? I already disabled ipv6-support on my fritzbox which is sitting in front of the Linksys router and acts as a modem to the world wide web.

Does anyone know an option to either block ipv6 traffic on OpenVPN running on LEDE Router firmware or how to include ipv6-support on a OpenVPN setup with Perfect Privacy?

Any suggestions welcome :)

Thank you very much