Chicargo Sever Always Unavailable


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For nearly 3 months or so (and off and on months before that) the Chicago server has been "unavailable". Any idea what is going on?
Now 4 servers are unavailable. Dallas and Chicago are constantly down. Reykjavik is down right now and frequently down. Madrid is now down at the moment. Ridiculous. I have put in a ticket to see if I can get a response.
The servers may be in maintenance mode? The servers will surely come back online in a few days...i hope...i think.... :D

Chicago has been down for almost an entire month. And Dallas has been down for more than two weeks now. At first, given the locations of the servers that were down (Chicago and Dallas), I thought the outage was caused by dindu nuffins. But seeing as Madrid and Reykjavik are also down, it would seem as though something else is causing the outages.

The only two theories I can think of is:

#1. Perfect Privacy is shirking paying their server bills.

#2. Law enforcement has seized these servers.

Both situations are kinda bad.
LOL. They completely removed the Chicago server in the latest update. So let me get this straight: they would rather remove an entire server than responsibly pay their bills. Unbelievable...