Solved: Can I use the VPN while in a Win RDP session?


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Can I connect to Perfect Privacy VPN while in a Windwows RDP session or will this kill the connection from my real internet to the RDP?
Answer: What's happening is that you're effectively cutting off the IP route from the server to yourself - hence the RDP session loss. You can fix it by setting up the VPN in a way that it's bound to a second interface (physical or virtual) so that both the VPN and RDP link can coexist. How you do this depends enormously on a range of very detailed configurations that we don't know right now, so if you want help with this you'll have to come back to us with a LOT more information, just as much as you can please.
I had to request a reinstall because I couldn't connect to RDP again due to this...

I heard somewhere that you had to enable split tunneling to be able to connect to a VPN inside an RDP.



Most probably, the connection will stall because the return packets get routed through the VPN tunnel and reach your RDP client from the wrong IP source address.
You'd need to add a static route to your client's address to bypass the VPN. Even then, leak protection firewall rules might still block those packets.