Solved: Can I configure VPN Manager to work with one browser?

Discussion in 'Windows' started by HideMe, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. HideMe

    HideMe New Member

    I just need VPN traffic through one browser (Firefox). Can VPN Manager do this work?
    Like it making in Opera.
  2. MixMaster

    MixMaster Member

    No, the VPN Manager can't do that (yet?) OpenVPN sets the default route for all outgoing traffic. I don't know if Windows allows application-specific routing magic.
    Opera uses a built-in browser extension to connect the VPN just for the browser.

    You could, however, use an SSH tunnel and set a proxy in Firefox.
  3. HideMe

    HideMe New Member

    Can you please tell me little more about how use an SSH tunnel in Firefox?
  4. S

    Steven Brown New Member

    Yes, friend please can you tell us little more about SSH tunnel in Firefox I also want to know about it.
  5. PP Daniel

    PP Daniel Staff Member

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