Solved: Blackberry Passport certificate

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    it looks like those were certificate files for ipsec .. I think they've updated their certs since then, since it looks like that file was posted 2 years ago or so ... Maybe someone at PP would be kind enough to post an updated one again?.. I could probably make use of that and try to gete WindowsPhone connection as well....
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    I am a new member and would like to set up my BB Z10 to connect to your VPN.
    I tried to use the above link you provided to download the certificates:

    The link you provided above --has two files
    1. perfect-privacy_ipsec_ca.crt
    2. perfect-privacy_ipsec_ca.mobileconfig

    However, BB does not recognize the files as certificates --when I try to import them via
    System Settings > Security and Privacy > Certificates > Import > (then going to the folder with the above two files)

    I think the certificates should have file-type .p12 For example, perfect-privacy_cert.p12. I tried to change the file type to p12 to test it. BB os now sees the file as a cert, but of course it failed to decode the certificate as it is not the correct format.

    Please help.
    Thank you very much!!
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    This is a continuation of my prior entry:

    I managed to somehow convert the perfect-privacy_ipsec_ca.crt to a .der file for BB os to accept.
    This link shows how to do it:

    Now I can import the CA certificate to BB. However, when I make all the changes to set up a VPN to connect to PP VPN. It gives me a "Connection Error Invalid certificate" error.

    Would someone from PP kindly provide a valid certificate for BB use to connect to your VPN? Please provide the certifciate in .DER format.

    Thanks a lot!
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    The following settings should work for Blackberry:

    Download the IPSec Certificate from here:

    Import the *.p12 file, the password is "pp" (without the quotes)

    VPN Configuration:
    • Server Address: the VPN server you want to use, for instance
    • Gateway Type: Generic IKEv2 VPN Server
    • Authentication Type: EAP-MSCHAPv2
    • Authentication ID Type: Fully Qualified Domain Name
    • Authentication ID: <enter anything>
    • MSCHAPv2 Identity: <enter anything>
    • MSCHAPv2 Username: <your Perfect Privacy username>
    • MSCHAPv2 Password: <your Perfect Privacy password>
    • Gateway Auth Type: PKI
    • Gateway Auth ID Type: Fully Qualified Domain Type
    • Gateway Auth ID: leave empty
    • Allow Untrusted Certificate: Prompt
    • Gateway CA Certificate: Perfect Privacy IPSec CA (from the certificate you imported earlier).
    We will provide a setup guide in our how-to section soon.