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    Regarding the configuration files needed for your
    I have just answered in the other thread with a link.
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    Pete Member

    Dear Simon, the 2 weeks time frame you gave me, are now 2.5 months.... Any secure date? I don't understand why it is taking so long to migrate to a new server.
    As I told you my subscription is now ended and I don't want to renew it for something which does not work.
    You will understand that with no visibility I will have to use someone else services. And that will be a pity.
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    eldervamp New Member

    I am a returning user. Reason for first joining PP was because of the Trackstop feature. Very helpful on a android phone for vpn system-wide ad-blocking while connected to a vpn server. Also PP offers IPEv2 protocol. IPEv2 speeds were always fast but OpenVPN speeds were very slow for me. Reason I left before was because of the limit amount of PP servers around my location. In US-California, there only the Los Angeles Server and alot of times I get a routing issue from my location to that server which makes me unable to connect to the Los Angeles server using the IKEv2 protocol. I then left to other VPN providers which offer more servers around the Silicon Valley area in California. Speeds were great using OpenVPN protocols with the other VPN providers, however they didn't offer a feature like Trackstop. I then returned to PP. I see there is still only one Server for US-California. Using my Desktop and the VPN manager software, on the IPSec protocol, I get a ping of 21ms / Downloads up to 180Mbps. The download speeds are great but I know the ping would be better if my distance were closer. When using the OpenVPN protocol, Pings are the same but the download speeds is very low. 30Mbps. On my Android phone the speeds are around the same. IKEv2 Protocol connection is fast but OpenVPN is even slower. Around 20Mbps downloads. I do notice some issues besides speed. Using the PP apk or OpenVPN software; after being connected to a server with either IKEv2 or OpenVPN protocol; when there is no data activity being used on my phone for a while, I am still connected to the server but there is no internet browsing available. I keep having to disconnect then reconnect to the server for internet browsing to work. I did discover that if I use StrongSwan apk and change the keep NAT-T keepalive interval to 20 secs fixes that issue. Any plans to add more US servers?
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    I have been a PP user since 2017, but now it has become impossible to connect to the servers, each and every of them : for instance, if I try to connect to Basel, right when Tunnelblick was about to attribute an IP address, this address disconnects automatically and immediately. I'm a Mac user, running on OS 10.9 Mavericks on a late 2012 iMac. Didn't have any trouble before, it all started with the last 2 versions I would say. Has anyone an idea of what can I do about it ?
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    I don't know which macOS version the PP VPN Manager supports.
    Mavericks probably not. This software works fine, could have been a solution for you.
    Viscosity supports from 10.11. up. There are older versions, which I wouldn't use.
    On my 10.6.8 partition I have running Tunnelblick 3.5.25, which works.
    So uninstall your Tunnelblick with the Uninstaller completely and try again.
    Otherwise, you have to upgrade your macOS.
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    Hello, I installed the built 5320 (after I deleted the 5321) as requested by the message displayed by the software.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work any better. Since I won't upgrade from Mavericks to whatever for this sole purpose, I chose instead to terminate my contract. I don't need anything that costs maney and proves useless.
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    Overall seems to work pretty well.
    Frustrating to get CAPTCHA queries on various services as it seems to pick up VPN. Also BBC iplayer doesnt work which makes me sad.
    Google was also picking up that I was in Switzerland even though I was connected to a UK proxy, some element of leaking was going on there. I don't have that particular issue right now anyway.
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    I am a new user that recently updated my account from a one month subscription to a 2-year subscription. I use OpenVPN in OpenSUSE 15.1 OS and FreeBSD 11.2 OS (OPNsense router). I use the NeuroRouting feature and find it works well and the speeds are fast enough to stream 1080p video. I like the fact you have manuals and config generators for any system. You have pfSense router manual and it works succesfully for OPNsense routers too (both pfSense and OPNsense are related, and are based on FreeBSD). For OPNsense, ther ejare a couple of tweaks needed to make it work properly: use tls-auth and not tls-crypt; leave the advanced settings box blank (adding the advanced/custom settings from the config files breaks the service). Both the pfSense and Linux .ovpn configuration files works in OPNsense routers. For desktop I just use Network Manager and import the files as-is and all works flawlessly with no needed adjustments (the Linux OS is OpenSUSE 15.1). I also use VPN of AirVPN for past many years, and think Perfect-Privacy has advantages compared to AirVPN. For those that want to use Perfect-Privacy in a multi-VPN group gateway router setup in pfSense/OPNsense (for failover fault tolerant uninterrupted service) you can visit Juse remember, don't add the custom settings for the OPNsense router. If you want to learn more about OPNsense you can visit . My hope for Perfect-Privacy is that more users sign up so the traffic is higher - I believe the additional noise will enhance privacy.
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