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Discussion in 'Questions & Answers (Q&A)' started by PP Stephan, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. p

    ppquestions New Member

    I've been happy with the service thus far. The Mac beta app is coming along. While the app lacks the visual refinement of most Mac apps, it works and that's all I really care about.

    My only major suggestion...Please add servers in San Francisco!
  2. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne Member

    I think PP is the best in many aspects. But there should be more tutorials for Not-an-expert users. Along with Blog should be having information about Protocols and VPN technologies. In terms of Service, more server locations needed to beat other VPNs in market. All platforms Apps should have killswitch and firewall functions if possible. There are newer encryption methods emerging based on quantum computing , may be employed.
  3. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne Member

    Price reduction is required. offer some sale or discount. VPN over TOR should be added. Mullvad is offering some good offerings which can be added to PP also. Live chat support should be added. Customer base can be increased by offering free trial.
  4. b

    bigplayer Member

    @BruceWayne I think you're with the wrong VPN provider. Why you just don't go to Mullvad if they are so much better?
  5. c

    carlia New Member

    1.tonight I clicked on an advertisement on a news site page and my country of origin was shown in the merchants reply re post charges.
    2.Google knew my private number when I was attempting to gain access to another gmail account.
    3.whenever I try to change server , code name and password are frequently not authorised even when copied from email from PP.
    4.definitely unhappy with PP -advising all my friends to avoid it as if it had the plague.
  6. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    Which browser are you using?
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  7. J

    Jakarta New Member

    If your browser have localization enabled, then using a VPN is useless.
    PP is fine and work as intended for everyone, they can't protect you from your own mistakes.
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  8. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    Google Chrome
    1. Select the Chrome Menu Button (⋮ or ≡)
    2. Select Settings
    3. Scroll down and select Advanced
    4. Under Privacy and Security, select Content settings…
    5. Navigate to the Location section
    6. Click the slider for Ask before accessing (Recommended)
    Mozilla Firefox
    1. In the URL bar, enter about:config
    2. You will see a „This might void your warranty“ warning. Click I accept the risk!
    3. In the search bar, enter geo.enabled
    4. Double click on the geo.enabled preference so that the value becomes false
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    1. Select the Gear Icon
    2. Select Internet Options
    3. Select the Privacy tab
    4. Under „Location“, check the box for Never allow websites to request your physical location
    5. Next to the box for „Never allow websites to request your physical location“, select Clear Sites to remove old sites which have access to your physical location
    Microsoft Edge
    1. On your Windows 10 Desktop, hit Win + A to open Action Center
    2. Select All Settings > Privacy > Location
    3. Click the Location Service slider to turn it off
    4. Scroll down to Location History
    5. Under Clear history on this device, click Clear
    Apple Safari
    1. Select Safari in the top left corner of the browser
    2. Select Preferences…
    3. In the Privacy tab, under Website Tracking, make sure Prevent cross-site tracking and Ask websites not to track me are checked
    1. In the URL bar, enter about:config
    2. On the left-side menu bar, select Websites
    3. Scroll down to Location and selectDo not allow any site to track my physical location
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  9. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne Member

    I wasn't saying that Mullvad is better. Btw it's (page) for suggestions and not for bringing other down. Learn some manners.
  10. m

    moejoe Member

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  11. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    carlia is pissed and gives no answer, so "vergebene Liebesmüh".
    Dont' werf your perls on the Säue...:p
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  12. m

    moejoe Member

    The problem is, that every vpn provider doesnt admit the fact that u have to do deep dive in with privacy a little bit ifuf want to go below the radar level of anonymity/privacy.

    Of couse they offer some howtos after u regstistered. But the normal user just as carlia doesnt want to study things like that.
    But this is the Business

  13. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    Rechtschreibung or something like that? Is that possible?
  14. m

    moejoe Member


    u aint got no other problems dude eh ? ... so ridiculus

    this is not an spell grammar forum

  15. bohumil

    bohumil Member

    Forum non est latinus, britannicus est : "ridiculous" verum est...
    Problems, what problems?
  16. N

    Nimt Bort New Member

    I am a new user, I only used it for a couple of days, but was enough to make an idea.

    I love the features, I chosen PP instead of different VPNs, mostly for the Traffic filter, but got more then that.
    I appreciate the cascade VPN and the Neuro Routing.

    Your Mac app is not the most intuitive and easy to use.
    You do not have a two factor authentication on the account and I can't set my own password. (TFA to log in the members area, with what ever password you set, and a different user and password for VPN authentication)

    In the end I think it is not the right time for me with PP, the speed is too low, when you will have better speed I will be back.
    I am connecting from Spain, where you do not have a server, I am sure that affects the speed, but I can't work with this speed, I can barely get above 40 mb / s, and I have a 500mb fiber connection installed.

    I will get one more year from a faster VPN and try again your services in one year.
    I would definitely miss all your features, but the speed is an important factor for me.
  17. P

    Pete Member

    I have been very happy with PP so far. But the last few weeks I am facing many problems regarding TrackStop effectiveness and blacklisted IPs. So you pay for something you do not get. For one of the most expensive VPN on the market it not acceptable.

    Unfortunately the customer service - depends who you are talking to - is not very customer centric. And some people just do not like when you bring problems on the table. It is not anymore what it's used to be.
  18. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    Hi Pete,

    thanks for your honest opinion. We always like to hear some feedback so we can constantly improve Perfect Privacy VPN.

    In your case, we've had an ongoing conversation via email and we figured out that you experienced those problems on one server only. We are currently replacing that server based on your observations. That will likely not only fix your TrackStop problems but also have a positive effect on connection speed and accessibility for all users.

    I remember our communication as being kind and target-aimed. Since I didn't know what may offended you, I investigated a little and found a reply from us to an independent issue (temporary server downtime). Despite being accurate, I agree it may have been a little harsh. I'm sorry if we stepped on your toes. I assure you that we always appreciate user's feedback and do everything that's in our power to fix problems and realize improvement suggestions - even if we sometimes don't point that out. In that downtime case, we already found the reason for that and fixed it a few days ago.
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  19. PP Simon

    PP Simon Staff Member

    Great news! A few hours ago, we got a new server in Madrid, Spain. Have a look at our server status page:

    @Nimt Bort If your account ran out and you'd like to test the speed, you're welcome to ask for a test period by sending a mail to our support team.
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  20. bohumil

    bohumil Member

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