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  1. maxxx

    maxxx New Member

    Here is my feedback.

    The good:
    • Speeds are excellent
    • Connections are reliable
    • Customer support is quick and supporters are knowledgeable
    The not so good:
    • websites redirect traffic to a german version of the website when on UK/NL vpn (talked to support about this, and it seems not PP's fault but it's still annoying)
    • still no fully capable client on mac, and no ETA given. Is it really not possible to give even a broad estimate? Is the app coming this month, this year, this decenium?
    The only thing that actually made me consider another provider is the relatively high price, but considering the options provided I believe this is (somewhat) justified. I recommend this service to anyone.
  2. anajames

    anajames Member

    Price is not an issue as long as the features are top notch and serve the purpose effectively.
  3. Vodka Vlad

    Vodka Vlad New Member

    Just purchased a couple days ago and love this vpn service but I wish you guys had a live chat feature...that is never going to happen I assume?
  4. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Currently not actively in use but we do usually reply very fast on email inquiries.
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  5. Cody James

    Cody James New Member

    I subscribed to PP just over a month ago. I absolutely love it! Admittedly, it took me a little bit to understand it and how it works but thanks to great support, I've managed to get this far. Just over a week after first subscribing something happened - For some reason I was unable to connect to internet or to PP. I was baffled, and of course, I'm a go get em' type guy and so I went in search of answers. Not understanding how PP configures the computer internally, I found information in another part of the forum where the two members were going back and forth about configurations etc. So, I decided to start blocking this and that and became completely lost and had to reset everything on my computer to get it back to correct with regard to the port configurations. Wouldn't you imagine my great surprise when, a couple of days later, still seeking answers, I found information that indicated that when an IP check is done while connected to PP, what I'm seeing is not my own, but rather the PP server. Go figure. Learn something new everyday!

    Seriously, not a computer guru here by any means - as evidenced by the above. In fact, so novice that I'm still trying to figure out how to set up a port forward, just because it looks awesome and I'm fascinated by computers in general and love to learn about them. Unfortunately, I've had trouble ascertaining a static IP so that I can.

    I've had a number of questions from the start, primarily in the first 2 weeks of service. To each of my questions, I've received a more than timely and thorough response. Stephan has been the primary but another gentleman responded to a question I had a little over a week ago. Anyhow, so far, so good, I'm quite pleased with my service and feel that it's well worth the money that I pay.

    Prior to joining PP, my service was with NordVPN. Funny story, the way I became to know PP, is by way of a privacy site, I can't bring it right to mind, I'm sure several are familiar with it, a man named Sven gives feedback on various VPN providers. His testing indicated that NordVPN had been found guilty of DNS leaks. Of course, I had to seek out his top pick based on all tests that he'd performed and PP qualified every part of his test with regard to privacy, speed, location and type servers used. I think the only "con" that he listed was price. Well, that's not an issue to me. Happy to pay what I do. I made my switch that same night and haven't looked back.

    Regarding my experience with NordVPN, all in all, I didn't have a bad experience. In fact it was quite fine. The couple of times that I contacted support, they very very nice and helpful. The issues that I faced however, were speed, connection and concerns of DNS leaks. Often times, I couldn't even connect to a server whether is was on my PC or Android. Connection and traffic speeds were quite slow many times and my connection would drop rather frequently. As another commentor above me spoke to, NordVPN is so heavily marketed and supports so many functions that, while good, really appear to be more of a marketing thing with graphics etc. With such wide-spread marketing, they gain a ton of clientele resulting in just that much traffic, overloading the servers. So, I didn't leave Nord because I was angry at them, I left Nord because I found PP to be a much higher level of service and I was much drawn to the service by way of recommendation as well as thorough search of PP's website in advance of purchase.

    Really appreciate you guys! Thanks again!
  6. Cody James

    Cody James New Member

    Really? That's crazy unbelievable! Every single email I've sent with inquiry was answered either same day or next. Maybe something went wrong?
  7. fav cryptic peer

    fav cryptic peer Junior Member

    Ive been with pp for a while now and dont have any issues the stunnel is awesome easy to use and though high end expensive it is well worth the money,thanks to admin and staff for a great service.
  8. Vodka Vlad

    Vodka Vlad New Member

    I'm having an issue where I'm trying to pay for another 1 month extension using my paypal account, but it only gives me the option to pay using the bank account or credit card that are tied to the paypal account...rather than just letting me pay using the money that is in the paypal account.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  9. Vodka Vlad

    Vodka Vlad New Member

    Nevermind, got it working now.
  10. Carphedon

    Carphedon New Member

    Long term perfect-privacy user here. Best VPN provider, period. The price may be a tad high compared to some other vpn providers but what you get is best in class reliability, anonymity, security and features!

    Some points that could be improved:

    - Linux OpenVPN client on same level as windows client
    - Account creation system that does not need a mail address
    - Shadowsocks support

    Keep up the good work!
  11. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne New Member

    Windows app should be redesigned. Adblocking techniques should be improved. Child filter doesn't block porn videos on youtube. IPSEC/IKEV2 need to be added in apps. I was never able to connect via STUNNEL. More server location are needed. What ever server I connect with, location is always shown German or Netherlands in app. Only strong contender is NordVPN. I did like that also.
  12. PP Lars

    PP Lars Staff Member

    Yep, thats on the way.

    There is Porn on youtube!? Also: DNS based filter can only block full domains, so no partial blocks of videos on youtube.

    Windows app has that, but yep, mac and linux don't.

    Strange, that should work, any error messages given?

    You most likely had NeuroRouting enabled, and because our checkip servers are in frankfurt and amsterdam, you exit nearby.
    This is NeuroRouting as it is intended to work, we internally route your traffic to the nearest exit for the target domain.

  13. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne New Member

    Windows app has that, but yep, mac and linux don't.
    I can find IPSEC and OpenVPN only on Windows app. Does using IPSec means IKEV2 on app or it use PPTP or any other method.

    Strange, that should work, any error messages given?
    No error message. But log files usually show "hang timer elapsed."

    I use Bitdefender total security Firewall. I have added Perfect Privacy as trusted. FAQ section mentioned that DNS leak is not prevented when using third party firewall. I have checked multiple times on your site for DNS leak. I have never noticed a single instance of leak. Even after that do I need to disable Bitdefender firewall.
    I have a request that please make your product compatible with Bitdefender firewall if it's not yet.

    Which servers are virtual locations?
  14. PP Lars

    PP Lars Staff Member

    IPSec is always IPSec, never PPTP. In app its Ikev2, but you can also use IPSec PSK manually without app if you want, check the tutorials section.

    I'll take a look at that.

    None. They are all dedicated servers located at the given location.

  15. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne New Member

    Glasswire found connection as other and not openvpn. Is my connection not encrypted. (ref. VPNuniversity)
  16. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne New Member

    Why not STUNNEL working for me? Btw which is better ssh/stunnel/obfs.
    Which is better - Camellia/ AES-cbc/ gcm?