Your experiences with Perfect Privacy

Discussion in 'Anonymity, privacy and security' started by PP Stephan, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. maxxx

    maxxx New Member

    Here is my feedback.

    The good:
    • Speeds are excellent
    • Connections are reliable
    • Customer support is quick and supporters are knowledgeable
    The not so good:
    • websites redirect traffic to a german version of the website when on UK/NL vpn (talked to support about this, and it seems not PP's fault but it's still annoying)
    • still no fully capable client on mac, and no ETA given. Is it really not possible to give even a broad estimate? Is the app coming this month, this year, this decenium?
    The only thing that actually made me consider another provider is the relatively high price, but considering the options provided I believe this is (somewhat) justified. I recommend this service to anyone.
  2. anajames

    anajames Member

    Price is not an issue as long as the features are top notch and serve the purpose effectively.