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Discussion in 'Anonymity, privacy and security' started by PP Stephan, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member


    we would like to hear about your experiences with Perfect Privacy -- be its positive or negative. Especially if you are a a long time member and are using the various methods features we offer (OpenVPN, IPSec, Proxies, SSH-Tunnel, Cascading, Firewall and DNS leak protection, et cetera) we would be very interested in a detailed account of how and why you like (or dislike) our service.

    It would also be insightful to know how we compare with other VPN providers. It is one thing to compare features on website but quite another how vpn services actually compares in reality. So if you have used other vpn providers in the past, please let us know about your experiences as well.

    It is very important to us to improve the service for our users. One of the best ways to do so is to receive direct feedback from our members -- after all, you know best what is important for a reliable and secure vpn service.

    Thank you,
    Perfect Privacy
  2. h

    hickyburr Junior Member

    Hi PP,

    I've been using this service for years now and I'm really satisfied with it, especially after the introduction of the VPN Manager.
    Keep up the good work :)
  3. N

    Neko New Member

    There's not too much activity in the English speaking forum, i guess PP are more popular with German speaking users :)

    I'm however very happy with Perfect-Privacy so far at least. I did use PP before subscribing again recently, the reason i left back then was because of what i felt at the time was a reasonably high price. It still is but compared to what else is out there i think that it is worth it. Perfect-Privacy has in my opinion managed to stand against the test of time and everything thas has come between that. It is a service i feel is trustworthy.

    One thing that i personally wish for is a bit more equality between the servers in the terms of "network neutrality". What i mean by that is that i personally think it's a good idea if PP would apply the same rules for all servers in regards to P2P, mail or whatever might be blocked. I understand why PP is doing it like this, but if other providers are able to keep up with a "absolutely no blocking policy at all" then PP should be able to as well.
  4. B

    Blackwolf New Member

    Mon message que j'avais rédigé en Anglais a peut-être été 'censuré'...
    Après un mois d'essai qui m'a paru concluant, j'ai pris il y a 2 mois un abonnement pour 2 ans pensant avoir un super VPN.
    Tout a très bien fonctionné jusqu'à la version Avec les versions qui ont suivi j'ai commencé avec des problèmes avec la protection DNS -messages d'erreurs au lancement et à la fermeture de PP, obligation de remettre en place la config des serveurs DNS par défaut sur la carte réseau, plantage du VPN en cas de forte sollicitation en UP et Donwload-.
    Bref, je ne suis pas pleinement satisfait et le fait savoir.
    Pour le moment j'attends une nouvelle release de PP et j'utilise un autre VPN qui fait le même 'travail' sans les problèmes récurrents de PP.
  5. k

    kroyk New Member

    I'm not very satisfied of your openvpn. Connection goes down very often.
    Your openvpn setting with ipsec is working pretty well, but I prefer using ubuntu instead of windows. I hope that in the near future you will add this functionality to your PP openvpn manager for linux...otherwise I'll look around.
  6. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Thank you for the feedback. If you still have issues with connection drops please let us know per email and tell us the server you were using and we will look into this.

    As for the Linux client: Yes, eventually it will have the same functionality as the Windows client. But please note that the client is still in Beta and this may still take a while.
  7. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    @Blackwolf: Our forum doesn't censor anything, could you please try to resubmit your issue? Or better: Send us an email describing your issue and we will look into this.
  8. B

    Blackwolf New Member

    J'ai déjà contacté le support pour ces problèmes.
    Je voudrai vous joindre ma configuration complète avec la copie d'écran du message d'erreur que j'ai systématiquement en lançant PP (protection DNS) mais à première vue pas de possibilité sur le forum.
    Je reconnais qu'il y a eu une amélioration avec la dernière version de PP concernant ce problème de protection DNS, je n'ai le message qu'au lancement-.
    Pour ce qui est de la stabilité de la connexion avec le driver TAP version installé avec PP manager, en cas de forte sollicition de la bande passante -je fais beaucoup de FTP up et down-, cela arrive fréquement de planter la connexion VPN sans reconnexion automatique.
    La solution est de mettre la connexion VPN en 'Disabled' pour forcer la déconnection, la remettre en 'Enabled', puis relancer PP manager.
    J'ai vu sur certain forum que ce problème de stabilité venait de cette version de driver TAP.
    La solution que j'ai trouvé :
    Je n'utilise plus PP Manager.
    J'ai installé OpenVPN Gui, récupéré les fichiers de configuration .ovpn qui m'intéréssaient, installé le driver TAP du 02/07/2012 et je me connecte au VPN "à la main" en TCP ou UDP selon le serveur désiré (Paris, Calais, Londres en général).
    Là j'ai ma connexion VPN qui tient facilement la journée !!!.

    Voilà, j'ai tout dit encore une fois.
    Comme mon anglais n'est pas top, j'ai préféré vous répondre en français même si cela est quelque peu impoli.
  9. Steven

    Steven New Member

    Actually I'm satisfied but not completely, as sometimes I face with the problem of low connection speed. It's not always but sometimes. On the whole I'm happy to use it!
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  10. c

    cdmkeller New Member

    I am new to PP. Have been using Cyberghost.
    PP ist faster! PP seems to be much more secure...

    Now I run into a Problem with Javascript. On Page claims: "Javascript must be enabled to play this video!". I can't find a switch in PP to enable/disable Javascript. How could that be done?
    "Outside" PP (as well as with Cyberghost) that problem does not exist (Javascript is running in all my Browsers)...
    Thanks for some help!
  11. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    What kind of website is this? Is it using WebRTC? We block this because it can leak your real IP.
  12. c

    cdmkeller New Member

    Hello Stephan,
    Thank you for answering! I don't know what that Website is using. Is it a general Problem with Javascript - do I have to avoid that generally?
    Where can I get further information of what WebRTC is?

    Does a similar Problem block all Google searches while PP is running/"tunneling".

    Is there a further/deeper description about all setting which could/should be done?
    I miss (did not find any) such descriptions or a general "handbook" which could teach me about the basic Concepts of PP - please forgive such questions from a newbe/beginner, as I am.

    Besides such questions, I am very happy with PP!

    Thank you for your tolerant patience,
    Yours Chris
  13. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

  14. collinn

    collinn New Member

    When I was looking for a reliable vpn service, I stumbled across where I found the comparison of different vpns and found one that meets my needs. Then I’ve subscribed for PP for about a month and still continue using it. With this vpn I connect to public hotspots without any hesitations. While traveling somewhere I use it to safe my sensitive data from any adversaries and malicious hackers. That’s great that the provider usually cuts prices, so I can save some money. Many thanks!
  15. a

    anajames Member

    How much does the subscription to the least?
  16. P

    Palestra New Member

    Performance : Excellent
    Security : Good
    Ease of Use : Good

    Spammers are abusing the servers.
    Symptoms - out bound email are being bounced as being from SPAM domain. My forum memberships are being revoked as being from SPAM domains.

    No respomse from suppport request (not even a ticket #)
    Will cancel my account if no response in 24 hours.
  17. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    We did reply to your email. And as explained, the simple workaround is to use another server.
  18. a

    anajames Member

    Does i
    does it prompt "Black Listed IP"
  19. Slated

    Slated Junior Member

    PP is reliable to the point of being boring and invisible, which is how any good service (local or remote) should be.

    In the years I've been using it, I've only ever had one problem (billing), and that was the payment provider's error not PP's. Oh, and there was one release of the client software that had a minor bug (complained it was out of date even though it had just been released). That's pretty impressive for a service that's been running for years.

    Mostly I like PP's "no fuss" approach and low profile, which stops it receiving too much of the wrong kind of attention. The fact that its operators and community are mostly non-English speakers seems to help a lot in that regard. Ich kann Deutsch anyway, so I'm not bothered.
  20. a

    anajames Member

    Thats a good review from your side than.
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