Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview 64 instability

Discussion in 'Windows' started by John Connett, Dec 30, 2016.

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    John Connett New Member

    I have been having problems with Perfect Privacy Manager on Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview 64 (Version 1607; OS Build 14986.1001; Build 14968.rs_prerelease.161202-1928). This is the fully up-to-date build at the "Slow" Insider Level.
    Not had any similar problems on the release Windows 10 Enterprise 64 (Version 1607; OS Build 14393.576).

    Symptoms are that the connection drops and leaves the adapter settings in an unusable state. Work around is to disable the adapter; change the IPv4 and IPv6 DNS settings back to automatic; enable the adapter and restart Perfect Privacy Manager. Happens a few times per day.

    The attached image was captured after a restart when Perfect Privacy Manager failed to start.

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  2. J

    John Connett New Member

    Here's a log including the loss of connection and failure to reconnect. This looks like the problem line:

    Error Error Code:1231 DotRas.RasDialException: Exception of type 'DotRas.RasDialException' was thrown.

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