Wierd Error and VPN Manager Won't Run!

Discussion in 'Windows' started by tossmail1986, Oct 9, 2017.

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    tossmail1986 New Member

    I can't login to the main site (not the forum). It keeps telling me my login info is incorrect.

    Also more troubling, when I boot up my computer the VPN is supposed to connect automatically. It usually does. But today, one day after I paid, it does not. Instead a weird error pops up ever time I try to run the vpn manager. I have attached a screenshot of what keeps popping up. I don't know if it is related but my internet was also not working at all until I turned off my firewall. That has been resolved but I still can't use my vpn that I paid for.

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  2. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Hello, I believe you contacted us per email - let us resolve the issue there.
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