What are the 3 open ports on the exit server when cascading??


Junior Member
When connecting to only one server, clicking (on the vpn manager) on "details" just under the chose server shows the locals ip in use, and the 3 (dynamics) open ports on this server.

But when cascading VPN connections, clicking on "details" under the exit server only shows th internal IPs, not the 3 ports open on this server.

Until recently, the sole way was to mathematically derive these 3 ports from the internal vpn IP used on the exit server. Really a pain.

Now, things are better, as an open ports calculator has appeared on the site.

But this is still not optimal from a usability perspective. I would be far better for these ports to appear via the vpn manager, in clicking on "details" under the exit server, as it is the case when using only one server.

I would like very much that you at PP will introduce this small (and probably easy) but very convenient feature in a next update of the Vpn manager.