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    Here's an interesting VPN comparison site (I have no affiliation with it).

    There's 180 providers listed, including PP, and a lot of detail, including who logs what, what sort of speeds you can expect to get, and legal jurisdictions. Some data is missing or incomplete, where no tests have been conducted or no information was provided.

    I've been studying it for a while now, and the more I look the more I realise PP is probably ranked near the top, given its speed, policies and security. BolehVPN and NordVPN look better (on paper) in most criteria, except for speed, which in both cases is terrible.

    These days my number one criteria is jurisdiction, so none of the US services qualify, for obvious reasons. PP is flagged as a potential problem for being incorporated in a "cooperative" jurisdiction (Switzerland), since that is apparently part of the "14 Eyes" bloc, but on the other hand Switzerland is supposed to have some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, so I'm not sure the warning is meaningful. Also, from previous conversations with PP staff, I understand that there's a lot of separation between the owners, admins and servers, so the question of jurisdiction is mostly moot (admins are located in countries different from the respective server they administer, for example, so intelligence agency coercion would require a highly orchestrated, and expensive, multi-jurisdictional operation).

    Looks like my first choice was already the best. :cool:
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    The comparison doesn't make sense to me (at least without a short explanation about the rating). Why is logging marked = "Something of concern" ?
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    Where no explicit information is given for the concern, it's because of a lack of information. Specifically in this case the author apparently couldn't determine if DNS requests, timestamps and bandwidth are being logged. I don't know what effort he made, if any, to discover the answers, so his concerns may be unwarranted.
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    The site looks good, but how authentic are the reviews.
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