VPN Manager deleting DNS configuration

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Alfonso, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Alfonso New Member

    In Windows 8.1, when I disconnect from the VPN, the Domain Name Server configuration gets deleted and I have to configure again in the TCP/IP v4 properties.
    I have configured a static IP + DNS servers in computer.

    VPN Manager
    Configuration version: 1482148701
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    MI19 New Member

    Same here. Windows 10 with VPN Manager . When VPN Manager starts automatically with Windows the Manual configured DNS entries are deleted.
    Happens only on WLAN Card.
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    Eldervamp17 New Member

    I get this same problem also. Every time I disconnect from VPN. I always have to re-enter my dns settings on my local network.

    VPN Manager
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    tank New Member

    As of version the issue still exists.
    Maybe they will fix it in the next issue.
    Here is my last communication with service on this issue.


    "Start the VPN Manager and make sure that the Firewall/DNS leak protection is
    Done. Nothing is checked on the DNS and Firewall settings page.

    "Exit the VPN Manager."

    "Now set your static DNS configuration"
    Done (I wrote a batch file to do it). DNS is normal.

    "reboot your computer once."
    I rebooted twice. DNS was normal after each reboot.

    DNS is normal. Wait 10 minutes. DNS is normal.

    Start VPN Manager. DNS HAS BEEN CHANGED to Google.

    Repair DNS. DNS is normal. Wait 10 minutes. DNS is normal.

    Open Settings. DNS is normal.

    Close Settings.

    Close settings still produces the "Advanced Protection, Checking ..., This may take a few
    seconds" popup even though nothing is checked on the DNS and Firewall settings page.

    Repair DNS. DNS is normal.

    Connect to Hamburg. Connected.

    Repair DNS. DNS is normal. Wait 10 minutes. DNS is normal.

    Disconnect Hamburg. Disconnected.

    "do you still have other nameservers than expected?"
    YES. VPN Manager alters DNS under the following five conditions.
    1. Start VPN Manager.
    2. Close out of Settings.
    3. Start a VPN connection.
    4. Disconnect a VPN connection.
    5. Quit VPN Manager.

    Connection log attached.

    DNS is not altered when using OpenVPN with your Hamburg.ovpn file.

    Here is how you may fix your DNS in batch language.
    It is alot easier than opening Network Properties.

    if not "%1"=="am_admin" (powershell start -verb runas '%0' am_admin & exit)
    netsh interface ipv4 set dnsservers ^"Local Area Connection^" static primary
    netsh interface ipv4 add dnsservers ^"Local Area Connection^"
    netsh interface ipv6 set dnsservers ^"Local Area Connection^" static 2001:4860:4860:0:0:0:0:8888 primary
    netsh interface ipv6 add dnsservers ^"Local Area Connection^" 2001:4860:4860:0:0:0:0:8844
    ping -4 google.com
    ping -6 google.com

    Change the servers and interface name to suit your situation.

    Ultimately, I broke down and configured DHCP reservations within my router for all machines with static address.
    Then I could set the machines to DHCP.
    PP fails only on a static setup.
    That's all.
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    8vn5acnmf5 Member

    Don't activate DNS Leak Prevention
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    tank New Member

    Hello 8vn5acnmf5,

    Please notice the first two sentences after "Hello," in my previous post.
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