Solved: Utorrent - Assistance Requested


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I've determined that a specific port was opened correctly, and I've forwarded the port to be opened on my router as well, but Utorrent still can't connect to peers. PFPortChecker is telling me that this port is, indeed, opened and that it was able to send data to me, but Utorrent keeps telling me the exact opposite, that data cannot reach me. Could someone that's figured out how to make this work PLEASE provide a walkthrough for this? I've spent 5 hours troubleshooting this and I've given up. I've searched the OpenVPN forums and the Utorrent forums and I am completely stuck.

PP Daniel

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can you please send me a PM (PM for sake of your privacy & anonymity) with your username and the ports you have in use? I will have a look at it and see if I can reproduce this behaviour or figure out where the error is.


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You dont need forwarding Ports on your router if you do Torrents via VPN. The forward Must be on the server side. If you forward Torrent port on your Router in your LAN them you have the best Leak ever...