Unable to create new tech support ticket.


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I am new to Perfect Privacy.
I wish to open a new tech support ticket concerning a problem that I'm having with logging into the VPN manager. My login info keeps getting rejected.
I've triple checked my login credentials and have uninstalled and reinstalled the VPN manager.
This is the extent of my skills.
In order to open a ticket, I need to supply VPN client software, VPN protocol and settings.
Unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with where to find this info.
Will someone please point me in the right direction?

PP Daniel

Staff member
So in your case

Operating System = Windows?
VPN client software = VPN Manager
VPN protocol = ? (Either IPsec or OpenVPN. You can find out by clicking the "Settings" button, see screenshot)
Settings can also be found there.. but assuming that you have not made any changes there it can likely be neglected.

But if your login credentials get rejected you have most likely entered them wrong (some characters look almost the same with certain fonts). Try using copy & paste to enter them. Do they work to login in the customer area of our website?


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Thank you!
I can get into the customer area with my login info.
I'm suddenly unable to get a VPN connection going.
Now at least I can submit a tech support ticket though.