Solved: Unable to Connect while PP VPN Manager Firewall is Active


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I wondered if anyone could help me with my connection problem.

For some reason I am unable to connect via OpenVPN or IPSec whilst I have the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager client's firewall active. It gets as far as checking firewall and DNS leak protection (in bold in the log below), but then hangs until time out. It's the same for all servers.

VPN Manager: Config: 1511446208

I've reinstalled the VPN Manager with the latest version from the website. Then run an update on it.
I've tried connecting with my AV (BitDefender) uninstalled, but it does the same thing.

If I untick the option to activate the firewall while the tunnel is active then it connects without a problem.

27/01/2018 23:36:26 Debug Debug: config connect called
27/01/2018 23:36:26 Log DisconnectReason set to NoDisconnect in connect_thread
27/01/2018 23:36:26 Log Debug: connect_thread started
27/01/2018 23:36:26 Log State Change Event - Initializing
27/01/2018 23:36:26 Log Waiting for OpenVPN.exe to get ready
27/01/2018 23:36:26 Log OpenVPN.exe ready
27/01/2018 23:36:26 Log Checking firewall and DNS leak protection settings
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Log Hangtimer has elapsed, connection might be stalled, disconnecting
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Log Tunnel Amsterdam Disconnect Called Reason:Error
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Debug Debug: Serviceconnection Disconnect called
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Log State Change Event - Stopping
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Debug killConnection called
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Management Sending signal to close connection
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Debug SendDisconnect done
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Management Disconnecting from management interface
27/01/2018 23:38:26 Debug DisconnectLogic done

Anyone got any ideas what might be causing the problem or can I provide any better logs that might help someone diagnose it? I'm out of ideas and getting rather frustrated with it. Grrr. :( Any help or suggestions very gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,


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Ok... well it looks to be working again after a system restore for something that was thought to be unrelated. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. But it's working again.