Answered: Twitch ban and random questions

Barbara Hitchcock

New Member
1)Can I bypass ban with your vpn services and create new account every day there?
2)Why are you better than Nord vpn?
3)How can I sign up to US Netflix, where to get fake or temporary billing info outside the US?
4)I want to start using Linux, what OS do you recommend?
5)I have old PC and I don't want to find drivers for Linux on the Internet lol. For example I need drivers for my hardware to set up Internet connection. Can I just install them on Linux with discs that contains drivers or are they only for Windows?
6)So are your IPs static? What does it mean? For example I worry about IP ban on popular websites.
7)So I guess it's better to use Tor without Tor network over your vpn for Linux, but I worry about watching streams on, I guess they will have poor quality. But I can watch them on my tablet if tor over vpn is the only option for good privacy.

If you answer all my questions, I will subscribe tomorrow to your services for 1 month and then we'll see.