TrackStop and Windows Telemetry ?


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TrackStop has a number of filters (even a Google one), so, what about adding a Windows Telemetry Filter to it? AdGuard has such a feature since release 7.5 beta (8 monthes ago). It's well known that using host file is not an efficient way to block windows telemetry, because some ip addresses are hard coded. Some have even conjectured that windows telemetry could bypass windows fw rules. Blocking them at the Vpn server itself (which doesn't run on windows) could be a good way to proceed.


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For Windows Telemetry im using:
Projects like WPD, pi-hole, DNSCrypt, OpenWRT and others using it.





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Hi Guys,

I use SpyBot Anti-Beacon for Windows 10 Pro and honestly, I'm completely satisfied.

Also, SpyBot Anti-Beacon works excellent with Perfect Privacy VPN and there's no any conflicts.

The best one you can use with Perfect Privacy VPN is SpyBot Anti-Beacon Portable Installer.

Enjoy 🎶