The 'Browser clock' (timezone) and IP destination


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Hi Guys,

Let say my real destination is London, UK, but I use USA IP address.

If my browser timezone doesn’t match the timezone of my request IP location, it’s a hint that I'm not where I say I am.

For example, the time zone of my browser is Los Angeles, USA while my request IP location timezone is London, UK.

Timezone configuration can be detected from a browser with a simple Javascript request.

Does Virtual Private Network (Perfect Privacy) configure timezone with every IP address?

And if NOT, how can we solve this problem?



Deactivate Javascript. -> Very unpleasant, your surfing experience drops massively.

Use a location that is in your time zone.

Otherwise: It's just a hint. Assume that every website that wants to find out whether the IP belongs to a VPN.

But that doesn't "reveal" you. As long as you do not provide any clear personal data, you are still "anonymous" to the website.