Show Download Speed / High Latency on all but AU Melbourne

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  1. praxis

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    Hi PP,

    I'm hoping you might be able to assist me in troubleshooting why I cannot achieve any higher than 3 to 4 Mbits/sec on every server except that of the Melbourne server, which understandably as I live in Australia I'm aware this would be the fastest logistically, but I can achieve 35ms latency and download speeds of up to 50+ Mbits downstream only on this server.

    Every other server I try, no matter what config options on the web portal or in the Android app, I can't achieve latency lower than 450ms or around 3 to 4 Mbits downstream speeds respectively.

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. ItsFe

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    Maybe because the servers are too far away from your physical location?