Setup for ios 16.1.1


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In the perfect privacy instructions for ios there are some screen shots that refer to previous versions of ios, not 16.1.1. I downloaded some profiles but when i click on the only mention of vpn under settings/general i get some screen that does not look like the one in the instructions. Perhaps PP needs to update its instructions.
i have attached screenshots starting from settings and proceeding through the only obvious options to get well….nowhere.

Is PP possible in ios16?F5FA0024-9175-4961-A481-E191D1822913.png7E8E16B0-3367-40AC-B174-3F9C67D4D332.png8C23A26A-D92A-4E8A-A0B4-4B98D05CDA7B.pngD0B61BC8-F73E-4CC0-BA94-98798880A608.png