Setup for ios 16.1.1


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In the perfect privacy instructions for ios there are some screen shots that refer to previous versions of ios, not 16.1.1. I downloaded some profiles but when i click on the only mention of vpn under settings/general i get some screen that does not look like the one in the instructions. Perhaps PP needs to update its instructions.
i have attached screenshots starting from settings and proceeding through the only obvious options to get well….nowhere.

Is PP possible in ios16?F5FA0024-9175-4961-A481-E191D1822913.png7E8E16B0-3367-40AC-B174-3F9C67D4D332.png8C23A26A-D92A-4E8A-A0B4-4B98D05CDA7B.pngD0B61BC8-F73E-4CC0-BA94-98798880A608.png

PP Daniel

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yes the guide is a bit outdated and does not reflect the changes in iOS, but it is possible to install the profile(s). Firt download one from the guide, you may have to confirm this. Then in Settings it should say something like Profile loaded pretty close to the top underneath the Apple-ID part, go there. Tap Install and enter your passcode end then tap done. Tap Install and then confirm, enter your username tap next and then the password for Perfect Privacy and tap continue and then Done. In VPN select the profile of your choice and toggle the switch.


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I tried following the indicated instructions and found the problem. When you Download a profile it doesnt save properly under DOWNLOADS.
Anyway to get past this i did the following.

First download a profile from the guide (click on the link saying The Guide in blue in the reply from pp daniel above) then quickly click on Downloads in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the downloaded profile. If you click on the downloaded file and then can find a new line saying profile loaded under your apple id in settings, great. Follow the instructions as per the reply post above. But this did not happen for me, it just went nowhere.
What worked was to create a new folder under downloads, call it profiles xyz or something, then copy the downloaded profiles into it. When you then click on a profile in thes new folder, magically the line saying profile loaded will appear under your apple id and you can then follow the instructions. You will have to do one by one.