Server update

PP Stephan

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We will be upgrading several of our servers in the next days and weeks at the following locations:

Amsterdam: All 3 servers will be replaced and have better CPUs (previous servers were pretty old)

Tokyo: Servers will be switched to another data center so more IP addresses are available. This will allow using obfuscation (Stealth VPN) on the Tokyo server.

Hong Kong: Same as in Tokyo (more IPs for obfuscation) but we will add another server in a different data center. This hopefully will improve some routing issues at that location.

Singapore: Also adding more IPs to support obfuscation. We will possibly add a second server to this location as this has very good peering and routing for the Asian area.

Brisbane: You may have noticed that we have removed this location. To continue to accommodate our Australian users we added a server in Melbourne.

The new servers in Amsterdam will probably be ready in the next few days while the other locations will be updated within 1-2 weeks.

So if you're using fixed IPs in a manual OpenVPN setup, keep in mind that these will change for the locations mentioned above.
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