Server in Germany

Perfect Privacy

Dear members,

we would like to inform you we are about to restructure our servers in Germany
within the next couple of months and will replace Erfurt as location. To compensate
we have already booked a second server in Nuremberg, which will be online within a
few days.

Also at present we are still searching a new hosting provider in Germany (not in
Frankfurt or Nuremberg, since we already have servers at these locations) and would
be pleased to get your suggestions.

We have the following requirements:

Dedicated Server
1gbps unmetered, or at least 150 TB traffic volume/month
At least 4GB RAM
HDD size doesn't matter

Payment options: At any rate Paypal and credit card. Bitcoin would be nice, but is not required.
Also important: The contract period must not be 12 months or something like that.
The server must be terminable at any time (monthly) and also payable monthly.