Russia is no longer safe


According to TorrentFreak:

"In an email sent out to its users, PIA explains that due to the passing of a new law last year which requires Internet providers to hold logs of Internet traffic for up to a year, it has become a target for Russian authorities.
The law to which PIA refers was passed by Russia’s State Duma in July 2014 and enacted September 2015. It requires that all web services store the user data of Russians within the country. This means that international companies could be forced to have a physical local presence, to which Russian authorities potentially have access.

While the deadline for compliance is technically September 2016, Private Internet Access says that given the server seizure and future privacy implications, it will no longer be doing business in the region."

Presumably this means the PP will be legally forced to start logging on its Russian server, or shut it down.


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If they Try to Force pp they will cancel the Server easy

pp Servers got seized too in Germany and france and i think netherland not sure there was no Logs

In easy Words This News is crap or maybe it was First Time that pia Server got seized i dont Know what a Drama


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In Russia there have been some changes concerning the virtual security. According to the new law internet providers and communication services should store the metada for 3 years, and the data should be given to the authorities if it's necessary. So it breaks the main human right for liberty. That's why there have been some consequences of the law. Such vpn services as ipvanish and private internet access do not work there despite they have servers in Russia.


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IpVanish? LOL this VPN service is a joke anyways. Only VPS machines and Geolocations. All their servers are in Netherlands. Eweka a dutch Usenet provider is the owner of IPVanish.

As well there are a lot of evidence in the web that they keep logs...

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IpVanish never worked for me. Changes my internet settings every time i logged in. Not a good experience to share.


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Funny. Seeing how I do not consider PIA private from it being located in the US, a country with an FBI that is anti-whistleblower.