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If you are happy with our service, we'd like to ask your help with something.

There is a relatively large VPN comparison site (vpnMentor), available in many different languages, that is only based on user reviews.

Since we don't (possibly opposed to others) want to simply write made-up reviews ourselves, it would be very helpful if YOU could write a review on how satisfied you are with our service.

The link:

So if you are happy with our service and have a few minutes to spare, we'd appreciate if you would share your reasons on why you are with Perfect Privacy instead of any other VPN provider :)

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I wrote a good review.

However as a Mac user I will appreciate more reactivity in the development of the OSX Client Manager.

2 years development, seriously? Maybe our engineers here at Palo Alto Networks can help you :)


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Wrote a positive review as a satisfied customer :). Also what was missing for me at other providers and did find at Perfect Privacy :rolleyes:. It will be submitted within 48 hours they sayd. ;)