Reconnecting VPN after interruption


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VPN Manager (version treats Windows sleep as an unexpected interruption, and blocks unprotected network access, preventing reconnection of the VPN (See:
pp-vpn-manager-gets-stuck-on-connecting-after-wake-from-sleep). Whenever this happens I am unable to disconnect, reconnect, or close VPN Manager, unless I first kill the application in Task Manager, restart the VPN Manager service, then relaunch VPN Manager. When the application opens, I am notified that the connection was closed unexpectedly, asking if I want to keep the Firewall and DNS protection active. I choose "No", then finally reconnect the VPN. This inconvenient pattern is different than described in the related thread above, and diffferent than I remember from past experience with PP (previously, I had the same experience as in the related thread).
  • Should I be able to reconnect through VPN Manager after an interruption without killing the app and restarting the service?
  • Firewall and DNS protection are set to "Activate while tunnel is active" and "Allow GUI to download traffic data without VPN". For troubleshooting, I deselected firewall and DNS protection (leaving traffic data without VPN enabled), then after giving the settings several hourse (at least) to activate, let Windows go to sleep. The VPN connection was still interrupted unexpectedly, and I found no change in the steps needed to reconnect. Should this have happened with the Firewall and DNS protection de-activated?