Problem updating Perfect Privacy VPN Manager


New Member
I have a problem with the vpn manager.
The problem occurs when i have all boxes ticked in the Firewall and DNS tab.
When I start my computer the splash for the vpn manager shows up with a pop-up over it saying something like it needs to update and that i need to provide administrator permission. However the window to provide the permission never appears. This leaves me locked out from the internet and certain programs.
The only way to solve is is to reboot in to safe-mode and uninstall the program then reboot normally install the program and remove the ticks from the boxes.
A couple of times already the uninstalling does not work and comes up with an error . I have to keep rebooting in to safe-mode and try try again until the program finally uninstalls.
I have had this issue a couple of times and I hope there is a way to fix it so i don't have to remove the ticks in the boxes every time i shut down my computer, because once i forget I end up with this issue.
I provided a screenshot of the error window that comes up during uninstalling.

I hope someone can help :)