[PP Howto] On-Demand VPN with iPhone and iPad (IKEv2)

Discussion in 'iOS' started by PP Stephan, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    This thread refers to the Howto On-Demand VPN with iPhone and iPad (IKEv2). Please only post in this thread if you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this howto. To keep this thread updated and free from obsolete and redundant information, this thread will be cleaned up occasionaly.
  2. Kaplan

    Kaplan New Member


    I have been trying to set up two iPads (iOS 10.2.1 & 9.3.5) following the instructions....


    The setup proceedure works fine on both iPads and shows connected when the VPN is activated, but I cannot browse or connect to any site, unless I deactivate the VPN.

    When activated the VPN symbol shows in the top left of the screen but there is a spinning wheel to the right of this.

    I'm not sure what I have done wrong, so can you help please.

  3. Kaplan

    Kaplan New Member

    Further to my previous post I have tried this proceedure with several locations - all resulting in the same no connection issue.
  4. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Most likely something is wrong with the configuration. Could you email a screenshot of the configuration to our support?
  5. Kaplan

    Kaplan New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Not sure what configuration you require.

    When I go to Settings -> General -> VPN and click on the respective server all I can see is...

    Type IKEv2
    Server (selected server location)
    Account (my account id)

    Please can you advise.

  6. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Did you also copy the PSK? It would really help to see a screenshot.
  7. Kaplan

    Kaplan New Member

    I followed the proceedure on your site.

    Please tell me where to get / install the PSK and screen shot of it.
  8. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    Sorry, I mixed up the connection method. For this connection you don't need the PSK.

    But back to your problem, did you try that on different servers?
  9. Jessie

    Jessie New Member


    I cannot install the Perfect Privacy configuration from the website on my iPhone. Every time I have tried to download the file, I get a message that there is an error in the file. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    What does the error message say exactly? Can you provide a screenshot? Also, what iOS version are you using?
  11. ppquestions

    ppquestions New Member

    I have the configuration files installed per the tutorial, but the VPN won't connect. Has there been an update to the instructions we need to follow? I'm able to get the Mac beta app working, but have not been able to get IKEv2 working for iOS or Mac. Please help :)
  12. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member