Solved: Port forwarding with Perfect Privacy VPN Manager in IPSEC mode


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I installed the Perfect Privacy VPN Manager these days ( and thought I give IPSEC a try. It seems to me that the Manager doesn't show the forwarded ports correctly in this mode.
I expected the random ports to show the same pattern as in OpenVPN mode, but instead of 5-digit ports 4-digit ports are shown. I would upload a screenshot, but the forum only gives me an error message when I try to upload it.

internal server IP:
my internal VPN IP:
forwarded ports: 1715, 2715, 3715

Those ports don't work.

PS: I had an older version of the PP VPN Manager installed. After I installed the new one, the old one is still there. Is that on purpose? Why not deinstall the old one during the installation of the new one?


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Sorry but in my opinion, it should not be so hard to deinstall software by hand. First thing i looked at times i used win for myself was to deinstall old software before installing the new one. If you don't want this, switch to a Mac ;)

PP Lars

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Jep, thats seems to be a bug. I'm going to fix this in the next release.. sorry for the inconvenience..
The correct ports are 17015, 27015, 37015, I think you get the scheme..
1 ,2 ,3 as first number, than that single 7 aka last character of 3. part of your IP, then that last part of your IP filled with 0 to be 3 characters long.

Examples: -> ports 12009 , 22009 , 22009 -> ports 16123 , 26123 , 26123

Regarding the uninstall.. If you updated from the old OpenVPN Manager to the new VPN Manager that also supports IPSec than this may happen.