Answered: Perfect Privacy support is broken?


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I’ve been using Perfect Privacy since 2017. During this time, I opened several support tickets, and I always received answers quickly and to the point.

But now something is wrong. :-( I ran into an issue with my VPN after upgrading router firmware, and on Nov. 6 I opened a new ticket in the same manner as all the previous ones (#39,186 if that matters), and received an email confirmation. But the ticket was never answered.

On Nov. 10 I opened another ticket (#39,205), this time via my account at It was never answered as well.

On Nov. 14 I sent an email to and also a request through the contact form at I was asking what has happened to my tickets and whether there’s any hope for a reply. Needless to say, both messages sank into the same.

My issue still persists and it’s hindering the use Perfect Privacy VPN. Does anyone know how to get an answer from their support and what has happened with them?
You are not the only one. They keep ignoring my posts on here about their servers in London and Istanbul. I have been asking about a second server in London since the beginning of September. It's been down I don't even remember for how long. Over 3 months for sure. But on the other hand they responded to another post about their server in Hamburg the very next day and the server is now back online. So I came to the conclusion that they mainly respond only if they have something positive to say and ignore most of the other messages.
It was never answered as well.
I can't say exactly why support didn't respond. Probably there is no solution for your problem yet.
They keep ignoring my posts on here about their servers in London and Istanbul.
We do not ignore you. I've said we don't get the needed hardware for London2. It takes longer as expected, ok. Why don't you use London1? In Istambul we have to look after a new data center, because the recent has closed. Finding a suitable data center is also not as easy as you think.

If there are problems with servers, we are also dependent on the cooperation of the corresponding data centers. We write tickets. The technicians answer that it is fixed. We check it, but find out that it is not yet fixed according to our wishes. And then it goes back and forth with sometimes 2 days delay. We only allow servers to be connected to the network that meet our security requirements 100%. You can rely on that!

If there is no news, there is nothing to say. But then you don't need to ask all the time either.
Sorry, did you post your Problem in the Forum or anywhere else? Maybe the support can not help because on their side everything is fine and therefore the new firmware is to blame that it does not work and therefore the support can not do anything. I do not know what exactly the issue is or why you do not get an answer, I'm just guessing. I also have a ticket open for a while and I don't think anything will be commented on by PP because they have nothing to do with it. However, a newer ticket is still being commented on right now and I hope we come to a resolution. Therefore, I say the support is working, but may have a priority list.