Noo my neosurf ticket is blocked

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers (Q&A)' started by ohnoo, Nov 22, 2018.

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    ohnoo New Member

    I created a new account and I paid with a neosurf recharge at 15 euro for the one-month subscription. After having validated my neosurf code by typing it in the boxes, the neosurf payment screen showed me something like. "For security reasons your account has been blocked restart your BOX or your computer or wait 3h".

    The code was badly printed and I had to start again 3 or 4 times because I could not read one of the digits of the code that was improperly printed on the charging ticket and when I have to validate the code at the 4th test it would show me the message I wrote above.

    I would try again in 3 hours hoping that the ticket is not unusable.

    Excuse me for the spelling, I am in Belgium and I speak french, I send you this message with the help of Google translation.

    Waiting for your answer.
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    ohnoo New Member

    I try again three hours later and it works, problem solved.Thank you for responding so quickly ... laul
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