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Hi. I installed Perfect Privacy in my iMac. I have 2 profiles, mine and my wife's. I have installed it in my profile using this guide from the website:

The problem is when my wife goes to her account, she gets a notification box that says: "VPN Connection: Please enter your authentication information. Password: "

I try entering my Perfect Privacy password but the prompt will not go away. The prompt only goes away if I disconnect my connection.

How do I resolve this? Thanks!


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Question: How can both of you be connected at the same time in one machine?
Probably you change the account without a restart, and there can't be two different connections on the same server, at the same account, at the same time, at the same machine.
Try this: Before you log out from your account, uncheck also the option "Connect on demand" in the network section and click on "Apply".
But on the other hand it seems logical to me, that you can't maintain two VPN connections established on one machine at the same time, having two accounts, because you are still in the same network.

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I think what he means it's they both using the same computer with different login. And they do not logout when switch from one account to another.

I tried with a Test account an d I am not facing this issue. Both accounts where connected to the same WiFi through PP with no issue when switching between accounts


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If I just switch over to my wife's account while the computer is awake, then all is good.

BUT, I think the problem happens when the computer sleeps while the VPN is still connected. This can happen in 2 situations (1) I am at my profile and the computer sleeps. Or (2) I log out and let the computer sleep. In either situation, when my wife wakes up the computer logs in to her profile, then there's no internet and the prompt pops up repeatedly. The only way for her to gain internet access is to go to my profile and disconnect the VPN and then go back to her profile.

I also tried using the Perfect Privacy MacOS app and the same thing happens. If the computer sleeps when the VPN is still connected and the other profile wakes the computer up, that other profile won't have internet.

I also tried this with a competitor, NordVPN, and the same problem happens. (BTW, I didn't like Nord--too slow and no ad blocker).
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Regarding the client forget about it as there is no automatic connection.

On my side I created a 'test' user. On this profile I enter my Wi-Fi login and I installed PP IKEv2 city profile. It can be same or not for both profiles.

Then every time I switch from one account to another I get the internet and I am connected to PP VPN.

No issue on my side, every works smoothly.