Mac OSX & Tunnelblick


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i dowloaded tunnelblick and installed it.
i downloaded also the config tunnelblick_udp.tblk
the configfile is properly linked to the tunnelblick program, but if i double-click the .tblk configfile nothing happens?
and its not possibly to choose the .tblk configfile in the tunnelblick program itself, what can i do?
i have OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 and tunnelblick 3.6 Beta. I also tried the stable 3.5.4 but it also doesn't work.
Who can help me?


PP Stephan

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Please try the following:

- Open Tunnelblick, then close it again
- Now right click on the tunnelblick_udp.tblk and choose Open With.. -> Tunnelblick


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i tried uninstall the beta with the uninstaller and installed the stable one, same problem!