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  1. dave4444

    dave4444 New Member

    Please consider moving the NewYork server to a hosting company actually in New York City instead of Buffalo.

    Most exchanges and interconnects in NYC are about 8-10ms away from Buffalo causing higher than desirable latency.

    Traceroutes to/from the server in Buffalo to various places all seem to go through NYC anyway adding 16-20ms latency over what would be necessary.
  2. Crazy Gaston

    Crazy Gaston New Member

    That might not be what's causing the latency. I've noticed by doing DNS leak tests that the DNS servers are actually located in Germany even if you specify to connect to a US server (in my example, I connected to the Chicago server). Take a look:

    DNS Leak Test:


    IP Leak:


    VPN Settings:


    So as you can see, the latency might be cause be servers located in Germany. The US servers should be fine providing you could find a way to connect exclusively to US servers.
  3. privacy

    privacy Junior Member

    Under settings you can change the dns location manually
  4. Crazy Gaston

    Crazy Gaston New Member

    Yes, but unfortunately you can't use the server you connect to as the DNS server. The "tooltip" specifically states this.
  5. privacy

    privacy Junior Member

    But you can use dns from the USA (Miami, la...)

    Better then German dns for you
  6. Crazy Gaston

    Crazy Gaston New Member

    Yeah, I suppose that is true. It's just slightly annoying that I can't set my VPN server as my DNS. All the other VPNs allow it.
  7. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    What do you mean? You always use Perfect Privacy DNS servers when using the VPN. You can also choose a specific server to use in the client settings.
  8. varado

    varado New Member

    I think he mean that the DNS IP is not the same as the VPN-IP
  9. Crazy Gaston

    Crazy Gaston New Member

    Correct. I don't understand why I can't use the VPN server as the DNS Server in Perfect Privacy. In NordVPN, ExpressVPN, AirVPN, etc., the DNS server is used as the VPN server by default. In other words, the IP address of your DNS server is the exact same IP address of your VPN server.
  10. webslap

    webslap Member

    Well you can do this, you are free which PP DNS Servers you want to use. As well as the DNS on the same Server you are going to connect. (By using it manually)
    (But maybe PP should also implement to choose the own server DNS in their software!)

    Because of using Cascading VPN or other options, it also makes sense to choose the used DNS by yourself and not to use static, always from the same Server.

    DNS servers are potentially log your activities. And even if PP is not logging actively any of your activities, by executing the processes, these data will bei used and is on the servers for a very short time. To prevent fetching these informations from a running server, it makes sense to use the DNS not at the same location then the VPN server is. Of course thats just a theoretical option to fetch these data from a live-system and someone would have need full access to the server, but to use other DNS services would be always an advantage out of this point of view.
  11. Crazy Gaston

    Crazy Gaston New Member

    Literally no other VPN service is configured this way. It's industry standard to made the DNS the same as the VPN. Therefore, I highly doubt that it's an advantage.
  12. PP Stephan

    PP Stephan Staff Member

    This has been changed, you now can use the same server for DNS as DNS uses a dedicated IP on all servers. Note that if you configure that manually, you will need to use the DNS IP of the server (last IP), they are listed on the server page in the member area.
  13. MixMaster

    MixMaster New Member

    That's a problem if you use simple routing. To reach the VPN server, packets to the server address must use a direct route through the previous default gateway. Unless you employ more sophisticated routing rules, the route can be set for an address only, not for a single port or connection.

    So, if the address of your DNS server is the exact same IP address of your VPN server, you're leaking unencrypted DNS queries along with the VPN traffic.