Solved: Linux Socks Proxy over SSH - need help


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Problem solved:
sshpass -p "*******" ssh -N ******* -D
It works when executed as a regular user and NOT root

I really need some help here.
All I want is to automatically create a Socks Proxy over SSH that stores my password.
Everything I've tried failed.

Putty is unable to store passwords and it always crashes after login.
KSTM/KDE SSH Tunnel Manager does not work, I don't get an error but the proxy doesn't work.
sshpass + ssh over commandline doesn't work either.
sshpass -p myPasswrd ssh -N -D1080

I can't express how annoyed I am right now, in Windows I use Bitvise Tunnelier which works perfectly but it's not available for Linux.

I hope someone can help me.

Browser settings:
SOCKS Host: Port 1080

OS: Arch Linux x86_64 with KDE


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JackCarver;n3000 said:
sshpass -p "myPassword" ssh -N -D

works for me in Iceweasel@debian-wheezy. Set socks Host Port 8020 or whatever Port you want in Browser.
Thanks for your reply. I've just used the same command as you posted (with my username and password of course) but nothing happens when I execute it, just like before.


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[root@ArchHell ~]# sshpass -p "*******" ssh -N ******* -D
[root@ArchHell ~]#

Update: When I execute it as a regular user and not root it works.
Thanks for your help.


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Did you ever establish a Connection via ssh to this server? Otherwise the Server IP and Fingerprint isn't in your known hosts file and Linux refuses to connect


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I think sshpass is Not sufficiant to get it in known hosts. You Need First ssh command without sshpass