Answered: Is your cellular carrier blocking PP ?


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I’m an iPhone user and within the last week or so something changed and I am no longer able to connect to ANY PP server while I am away from WiFi and on my cellular carrier’s LTE interface.

my carrier is Cricket Wireless (a spin-off from AT&T still reliant on their networks and towers, I’m told), so this could be an AT&T block/issue.

Does anyone know: is AT&T Wireless (and therefore Cricket) blocking some of the VPN providers now?

I heard a rumor T Mobile and Sprint do this, the temptation to block VPN tunneling must be high because of the marketing info the carriers must be collecting on customer internet use.

Might be a good new Wikipedia page to stand up:

“List of cellular carriers and the VPN provider tunnels they block”

If this is the case, PP may need to adapt somehow or lose business. AT&T is a huge international carrier.

I do hope this is just a temporary iPhone bug delivered by accident in the recent update

thanks for any insights
Do you have tried our stealth configs?

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Do you have tried our stealth configs?