ipsec and ubuntu

Discussion in 'Linux' started by kroyk, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. k

    kroyk New Member

    Is anyone using IPsec on ubuntu 14.04? Could you please explain how to do it?
  2. k

    kroyk New Member

    Nobody else has this need?
    I hope that linux client will support ipsec soon. Your windows client work very well with ipsec...but I prefer using Ubuntu than Windows.
  3. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    IPSec isn't that easy than OpenVPN. It's far more complex and it is originally designed for professional use to setup one to one connections between two IPSec endpoints. It wasn't designed for road warriors like OpenVPN and OpenVPN is much better than IPSec for road warrior usage. So IPSec has problems passing NAT without the right options and so on. As you use Linux you have to do a little more than on windows, burt it is possible to get it to work with PSK or with certificates, as you want to.

    First point to start is here:


    You have to install strongswan or openswan to use IPSec on Linux, i would recommend using strongswan. Strongswan itself has several configuration files and places to put certificates or PSK keys. To understand all of this you have to read a little strongswan Documentation:


    There you have everything you need to understand and to configure strongswan for your needs. You can find config examples a little down that page.
  4. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    Btw is IPSec on Win the same may be or may not be thing as it is on OSX and to save work and nerves i would also recommend using OpenVPN on Win or OSX...
    On Linux you have the biggest chance to get it right, as you can use strongswan, what many linux IPSec servers use also. On OSX the raccoon client is also a little piece of...
  5. k

    kroyk New Member

    Thanks Jack,
    I've already tried to install and use strongswan, but without success. Therefore for the moment I will continue to use IPSec on Windows: download speed is much higher than OpenVPN.
  6. JackCarver

    JackCarver Junior Member

    I said, it's not easy to get it running on linux. I will see what i have on my debian Jessie installation, perhaps i can post you the needed configs for PSK.
  7. k

    kroyk New Member

    Thanks Jack,
    you are very kind but I don't want you waste your time. I'm not a skilled user and so I could need basic step by step instructions.
    Therefore don't worry, I continue to use openvpn on Ubuntu and IPSec on Windows.
  8. l

    level Junior Member


    If you find time and if you want it, you can maybe make an tutorial for linux and IPSec?
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