Answered: How do I locate the bottleneck?


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Hello guys,

I am having some minor issues with my Perfect-Privacy connection. I am basically not receiving an appropriate speed.

Some values:
No VPN340 Mbps
VPN AES-256-GCM45 Mbps
VPN AES-128-GCM47 Mbps

Besides changing the encryption strength I did not change any settings:
- Tunnelblick
- OpenVPN 2.4
- TLS-crypt

I used for all tests and the VPN server used is located in the same country as me. The device is running macOs Catalina 10.15.2 with Tunnelblick 3.8.1. The device is relatively strong and I doubt it's a lack of hardware power.
When using instead of I receive speeds of 40 Mbps for the AES-256-GCM connection and speeds of 90 Mbps for the AES-128-GCM one.

Any advice on how to figure out what's slowing me down?

Thanks, much appreciated, have a nice day and stay healthy
Try to use TCP instead of UDP, as UDP ist very often slowed down by ISPs.

And i would also try to use another protocoll like IKEv2