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On the linked thread, a fellow user encountered a crash of the PP software with the warning: "An error occurred! If you want to help us, take a screenshot of this message and post it on our forum..." The user was told the error came from their Windows user profile, which they should wipe and reset.

Well, now I have that problem and it just started the day before yesterday, but I wonder if the <user profile> really is the culprit; let me explain why:

The first thing I did to try to fix it was to reinstall PP, which worked like a charm. Then I went to update the software's definitions, after which the problem came right back. Now I've reinstalled the original program again and it works once more, except I get the nag message telling me to update the software. I reiterated that whole routine once more just to be sure, and yes indeed: every time I reinstall the software, the program runs fine again, but every time I update the definitions, it crashes again.

Might it not be that this latest build is causing the error message?


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Like I already wrote in the other thread:

This looks like your user profile somehow got corrupted. This can be fixed easily.
Go to C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/Local (as shown in the error message) and there delete the folder Perfect_Privacy. It should work again then.


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Uh-huh. So I just tried that and now have even more alarming errors to report. The software now reports incredibly slow connections all across the board: every single node. I've attached two images to show what I'm talking about. Before I establish a connection to a node, all the available nodes report completely red across the spectrum--no greens, yellows, or even empty space. When I ignore that reported dilemma and attempt a connection, I am able to connect, but then get the second image, which says the connections are very, very slow.

I don't think the user profile was the real problem. I've no idea what's going on here, but it seems pretty weird and arcane.


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Oh, and just a quick follow-up: the actual connection speed, as best I can tell, is not particularly slow: it seems fine. So this, to me, suggests that something in the way the software reports connections is off, but the actual connections themselves are mostly okay.

Whatever it is, it seems pretty weird.