Answered: Difference of speed between Tunnelblick and Viscosity

Hi PP staff and/or members,
I have probably a stupid question concerning Tunnelblick vs. Viscosity .
I have been using for years with full satisfaction Viscosity but i wanted to testTunnelblick. My internet is 160 up and 10 down . I use Wi-Fi and my speed with my ISP directly is between 140-155 Mbps.
I always use the GB servers PP with OpenVPN and lately mostly Steinsel 1/2.
When I measure my speed at Steinsel 1/2 I get with Tunnelblick between 100 and 130 Mbps and with Viscosity only between 50-75 Mbps.
With the other GB servers between 85-110 with Tunnelblick and 50-75 with Viscosity . Are there any PP members who experience this same phenomenon, and is there an explanation for this?
I also find it strange that the connection since I 've placed Zurich in Tunnelblick disappears after 1 hour. I completely uninstalled Tunnelblick and i'm going to reinslall it now to see if the connection stay a live os stops after 1 hour.

BTW i'm using Mac Mavericks and my router is Airport Extreme ac
Thank you for your responce Daniel.
This morning i reinstalled Tunnelblick and i did some speedtest with as reult 1 x 133 and 1 x 134 Mbps.
With Viscosity 1 x 63 and 1 x 47 Mbps.

Looks strange for me to.
I found the reason of disconnecting after 1 hour. If i put auth-nocache in the config file's my vpn connection drops after 1 hour. When i delte the auth-nocache in the config file no problem at all, connection stay's alive.

PP Daniel

Staff member

I have done some testing downloading iso images on a 50 MBit/s line. With VPN I used Amsterdam2 as server. I downloaded from two different servers, the average download speeds were:
Without VPN: 3.33 MB/s (I wonder why not faster)
With Viscosity: 1.47 MB/s
With Tunnelblick: 816 KB/s

Without VPN: 2.93 MB/s
With Viscosity: 1.37 MB/s
With Tunnelblick: 1.45 MB/s

I'm afraid I can't reproduce your results due to my slower connection. If there is a cap/bottleneck at higher speeds with Viscosity, I can't hit it with my connection speed.
Thank you Daniel for the effort you have done even though this speed difference is not due to perfect privacy .
I'm going to ask this question on the sparklabs/Viscosity forum.
This morning again tested with: Paris1-2, Bucharest, Erfurt and Frankfurt on both wired and wifi and the difference is really big.

If I find an answer to my question , I'll leave this here to let you know .
For the time being Tunnelblick will be my openvpn client.

Thanks again!!
Just an update .
I have created an account on the spark labs / Viscosity forum to ask the same question.
This I think is no longer needed .
While exploring the forum I came out on the following link:
Your damn good remark Daniel : If there is a cap / bottleneck at higher speeds with Viscosity, I can hit it with my connection speed, has made me decide to download the Viscosity 1.4.11b8 ( Beta ).
And this is it, works like a charm with great speeds, as good and sometimes even better than Tunnelblick.
I have tested 3 x 3 all the GB servers this morning . Nuremberg is the slowest but it has become "slow" since a few weeks now and Bucharest, is not the fastest as well (in my case).

Maybe, if you are willing, to let this know on the German forum for our German speaking friends? Perhaps there are also with the same phenomenon?

thanks again, you where right with the cap/bottleneck remark!

PP Daniel

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thank you for pointing this out! I'm glad to hear you found a solution and it now works as intended. I'll have a look if I can find the appropriate place in our german forum. Because of you now I know what to tell anyone having the same issue and where to point them to.