DailyStormer.name blocked by TrackStop?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers (Q&A)' started by mbr829, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. m

    mbr829 Member

    Why is DailyStormer.name getting blocked by Perfect Privacy? Is this TrackStop? If so, why?

    And no, I do not have the so-called "fake news" filter activated......
  2. F

    Florian2833z Member

    don't call censorship because one site does not work. Are all of the Perfect-Privacy filters disabled for your account? May I ask where you are from that every unreachable site means censorship?
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  3. m

    mbr829 Member

    Looks like it may be an issue with the website, but who knows. Thanks for your kind reply.
  4. bohumil

    bohumil Member

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  5. P

    Pete Member

    Insulting people is not a way to behave. Please restrain yourself.
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