Connection to China Servers (Problem Related NeuroRouting)

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers (Q&A)' started by fakbaschine, Oct 28, 2018.

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    fakbaschine New Member

    I am using "NeuroRouting=ON" and "Use random exit IP address=ON" by default and I have problem to connect and browse servers located at China since 2-3 days ago. For instance, well known Alibaba is not reachable now, not only Alibaba, most of China Servers are not reachable too. But when i turn OFF NeuroRouting and wait 3-4mins to take effect through all perfect-privacy Servers then all works perfectly.. Switching NeuroRouting ON again makes China Servers unreachable again..
    (Interesting, Aliexpress always reachable does not matter NeuroRouting is ON or OFF.)

    So there is some problem regarding NeuroRouting or am i missing something?
  2. webslap

    webslap Member

    Some Websites are delivering content on single pages from different sources and even over different countries. (CDN networks and so on) In these cases the gathered content/data will be accessed from probably different VPN serves, by using the neurorouting features. Ususally this might not be a problem, but especially some chinese websites are doing a special blocking for users which could try to hide their own identity or using cloud based services to gather data from their websites. so i think, thats the reason, why the named websites will block you by using neurorouting. neurorouting is a feature that is trying to protect you by using indivudal routings of your data, but at least that means that you can not access to all services then. for instance, many videostreaming websites also will block you, if their firewalls are registrering that one user is trying to access at the same time by using different ip adresses or even from different countries. so, for these websites it is recommended not to use the neurorouting features.
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