Connect to Tor First How ?

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    I want to use an VPN Connection with the Tor Server first.

    TOR --> VPN ---> Internet

    Plz. don't discuss about the purpose or if it's useful i want to test this thats all.

    How i can do this with PP ?

    best regards moejoe
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    I don't think this is possible, because TOR uses the internet connection of your pc, so if you connect to a VPN, the traffic goes to the VPN first and then to the TOR network.
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    According to some People from pp ( Frank) itself it's possible cause they have tried this in the past the only bottleneck is the weak connection if you connect with tor first.
    But generally it seems it'll work in some way.

    My assumption is to set this in the proxy settings in some way but it's just an idea and i dont know if its the right approach to do this.
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    Oh my bad. The TOR bundle sets up a local proxy (, but choose HTTP instead of SOCKS5).
    In the VPN Manager (on Windows), there is an option to connect using a HTTP proxy (im using linux so I can't tell you where exactly)
    That should work.
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    may with an third party tool like polipo

    but as i can see from other infos from the web it seems that really hard to establish an Connection. In this way.

    a good documentation about tor and vpn from the torproject itself:

    best regards
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    AirVPN offer that, so it's possible. But don't know how to do that with PP.
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    Ah ok

    It seems that we have to take the silver bullet in this context ( vpn -- tor -- internet)
    which is of course also a good deal cause the second layer of ownership prevents you also from an correlation attack.

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    Whats the benefit with this method to the one with the proxy in the open vpn manager itself

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